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Zombie Land – Survival
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Zombie Land – Survival

Register, earn coins and get Zombie Land – Survival steam key free. After you get enough coins, you can redeem them for an activation code and download Zombie Land – Survival on Steam.

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About This Game

It is a post-apocalyptic game that takes place in 2025 on the soil of the Czech Republic. Maps range from 8km2 to 400km2. The game will have Czech dabing and all captions. It will also be published in English. Then just the subtitles. Unreal Engine 5 The maps are still being worked on, but there is already one to play. The map will be for 24 to 200 players. From the start of the server, it will take 30 days for the map to start shrinking down to 1km2, but at least 16km2 towards the center of the map. This is where the map stops scaling. When it will be 90 days from the start of the server, the map will shrink to 0.5km2 and this is where the real battle will begin. After the finish, cards, rewards (special boxes) and statistics for the entire game will be distributed. The server is then restarted (wipe maps) and it starts again. There will be maps in the game: landscape including populated areas. Or forests or barren desert. There will be animals and zombies on the map. A map that shrinks towards the center, so the rest of the map will be infested with virus and radiation. It will be possible to visit the extinct zone again, but only with a spacesuit and a filter. The filter will need to be changed. Its for 10 minutes. In the infested area, special zombie killers will begin to climb to the surface. They will be persistent and fast. The game will have RPG elements with perks. The inventory is adapted to reality. The backpack has a given load capacity and compartments. The character is the same, but thanks to the levels and perks, the carrying capacity can be slightly increased, including health. The character will suffer from diseases, sometimes the player will not take care of him. Including hallucinations and fever. The game will feature cars, motorbikes, helicopters and bikes. The player is thrown into the game by jumping from a plane of his choice. In the game there will be Quests, Jumpsquery, Merchants, puzzles, Events, but also Easter eggs. He will go to form Gangs, alliances. There will also be a safe zone in the game. You will be able to respawn only thanks to Airdrop. It flies every 30 minutes. If you die, for example, 3 minutes before the airdrop, youre lucky. Anyhow, 3 minutes after Airdrop, youre out of luck. This time can be shortened by having the Clan or a friend throw you a signal grenade for the airdrop. It can be bought or found. But he is more likely to buy it. It will cost less than a rifle but more than a pistol. The fuel in the game will be: Gasoline, Diesel and Ethanol. When you run on gasoline, it will wear out the engine. Because its quality is deteriorating. Diesel wears out the engine less. Ethanol: you can take a farm-farm, grow corn, then harvest it and then make Ethanol from it. Its use does not destroy the engine. The same canola oil. Anything can be grown, including raising animals. It will be possible to have dogs to protect the farm. The game is built on Unreal Engine 5 and it will include RayTracing, DLS and 4k image support. 8k is expected in the future. Distinction. It will be released on PC, later on PS5 and Xbox. We are working on technology that will eventually allow all players from the platforms to be connected to one server. Whether you play on PS5 or Xbox or PC. You can all meet on one server. That made the game more interesting. The game is currently in Early Access and is in Alpha. It is already possible to build in the game. Eat, drink and craft. Alternation of day and night. Changeable weather, raining and snowing and blowing. When theres a storm, theres thunder plus lightning and its with sound. The game has been in the works for the 5 week. I will always release at least 2 updates per month. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game is in Alpha version 0.1.7. The game contains elements of a Survival game. There is already one playable map available in the game, which is not from the Czech Republic. Its a temporary map. In the game, you spawn in a bunker. There are currently 4 underground bunkers in the game. Birth is accidental. So it rotates between these bunkers. Each bunker is equipped slightly differently. You will receive basic equipment because the headquarters runs out of fuel and you are forced to leave your bunker and start exploring your World. When you go outside, you have the whole world in front of you. The game map is an open world. Its up to you where you go and its up to you what you start with first. You can set out to discover the Quest objective or just walk around the map and discover everything randomly. They are going to pick blueberries in the forest and soon they will be picking mushrooms. Blueberries will ward off hunger but also thirst. You can also roast meat or pick apples. Stone and iron can be mined. You can also collect logs that you find on the ground or logs. This will give you wood and you can start manufacturing and building different dwellings or other. Or you can go straight to the nearest task and find out what awaits you there. On the way to the nearest task, you may encounter resistance from soldiers, aggressive deer or zombies will attack you. So it is important to watch and defend your life. Whenever you kill anything, you can loot the dead body. Looting really goes from wood, bandages, cartridges, construction elements to rifles. On the way you can come across an abandoned barrack - a cottage with a greenhouse in the garden. Plants can be grown in the greenhouse, but mainly game currency. Special leaves - petals. With which you exchange things at the merchant. You can either get this currency from a merchant by either selling him something and he will give you peels - currency, or you can grow it yourself. This "farm" is also in one other place on the map. There is a mini map in the game and you can navigate according to it within the scope of the mini map. There are many Items in the game. From knife, pistol to rifle and shotgun. There are also grenades and a c4 explosive. Here you can also find Gear: Vest. pants, backpacks, gloves, helmet, etc. The game will already occupy you for at least 5 hours of playing time. There are many models of buildings, furniture and equipment in the game. There are also trees, grass, flowers and other map accessories. In the game there are locations such as: Underground bunkers, populated area, merchants, military airport, department store with textiles, shoes, etc., forest with cabins, pond with cabins. The game already has cars, balloons, an airplane, a parachute. But none of this can be controlled by the player yet. It is being worked on. So in the game you have to eat, pump, treat yourself after an injury. You can build anything you can think of. You can craft a lot of things: from an ax to an m4 rifle. The game has alternating weather. It rains, snows, blows, shines, but sometimes there are weeds, gales, blizzards and a desert sandstorm is also ready. Day and night alternate. Sometimes an Aurora appears in the sky or a rare rainbow. So there is an AI in the game: Deer, Soldier, Civilian and Zombie. The game will soon have Multiplayer, elements from PUBG - shrinking map, Train, Airdrop and other maps.

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System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64Bit or Windows 11 64Bit
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 2600X or Intel I5-7400
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD RX 580 8GB or Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 30 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Fast HDD disk
Not available.
Not available.

Instructions to activate steam keys

1 - Download and install the Steam client on your PC.
2 - Open the Steam client, login and locate the Games tab on the top menu. Click this and then select “Activate a Product on Steam…”
3 - Enter your product key that appears on the email and follow the instructions to activate it.
4 - Your game is now viewable in the “Library” tab and is available to download/install when you’re ready

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