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Inscrivez-vous, gagnez des pièces et obtenez une clé CD E3pdr gratuitement. Après avoir obtenu suffisamment de pièces, vous pourrez les échanger contre un code d'activation et démarrer le téléchargement de E3pdr sur Steam.

Liste des clés numériques récemment obtenu par nos utilisateurs, toutes les licences numérique proviennent du site G2A.com:

No Platforme Fournisseur Clé CD Jeu
1 Steam A3TP5-Z8GB7-H3WU1 E3pdr
2 Steam K1YS4-F9XZ3-L7LV7 E3pdr
3 Steam F5NJ9-E4QH8-M2YF4 E3pdr
4 Steam W1IZ2-J7DL3-T8LO6 E3pdr
5 Steam K4HG9-B4NI3-V3EZ6 E3pdr

Comment obtenir une clé CD gratuite ?

1 - La première étape consiste à créer un compte
2 - Aller ensuite sur la page "Gagner des pièces"
3 - Choisissez une offre et complétez-là avec des informations valides
4 - Une fois terminé, vos pièces sont automatiquement créditées sur votre compte et vous pouvez obtenir le jeu E3pdr gratuit

À propos de ce jeu

E3pdr is the presentation of an idea, a conception, a reasoning, a continuous development of a new method of having fun while playing, a mixture of a Battle Roayale with MMORPG, strongly based on a famous Kart game, in which you collect surprise boxes; If you are interested and want to show solidarity in this lonely but exciting endeavor, take a look at my game. In control of your puppet, E3pdr is a fun, intuitive and exciting multiplayer game in which the player plays several battles for different Eras in search of surprise boxes, items, equipment and weapons to acquire new skills, puppets, among other peculiarities, you too must search for as many as possible among more than 500 "Easter Eggs" and "False Easter Eggs" while fighting for survival. There are two battle modes: "Single" mode where the last player on the battlefield is the winner, and "Reappear" mode where the champion is the player who most kills his enemies being both modes in a time interval . To make it even more fun, you can change the characteristics of the puppets, changing clothes, weapons, armor, shields, spells and force fields for protection, and if you still want, you can chat with other fighters. With 99.5% compatibility in gameplay and Menus, E3pdr is compatible with wireless Xbox 360 controllers (PC) and generics. Easter Eggs and Fake Easter Eggs available and future implementations 500 - Easter Eggs - Take pictures 1 - Christ the Redeemer 2 - ... 15 - Epic Easter Eggs 1 - Diablo I - You find the NPC (Stilt Boy) and get some free items 2 - Saci - You find the NPC (Saci) and can change puppets with him. 3 - Herculoids - You find the NPC (Zandor) and you can choose which monster to mount 4 - Centurions - You find the "clock" and you can talk to Crystal Kane in the Sky Vault and you can choose to invoke an armor saying "Extreme Strength" 5 - Mouse - You find the NPC (Mouse) and can choose what to transform into (Wolf, Bear - Diablo II). 6 - Zillion - You find the bike you can drive or transform into armor. 7 - Golden Ax gnome - You find the gnomes and can hit them to release pots of Dragon portions. 8 - Animaniacs - You find the nurse, you temporarily turn into a wolf and howl at her, gaining some life points. 9 - StarWars - You meet Darth Vader and can switch puppets with him. 10 - 50 - Mega Easter Eggs 1 - John Williams - Riders 2 - Subway Surfers 3 - Naruto - Substitution Jutsu 4 - Naruto - Shadow Clone 5 - Naruto - Sexy Clone Jutsu 6 - Kamike - Suicide planes of the 2nd World War 7- Street Fighter - Tatsumaki Senpukyaku 8 - John Williams - Jaws 9 - Starcraft - Ghost - Triggers the nuclear missile 10 - Halloween - Michael Myers running behind you with a knife 11 - Tarzan - Call several animals to help, These destroying everything you see ahead. 12 - 50 - Fake Easter Eggs 1 - Golden Ax gnome - You find the gnomes and can hit them to release pots of portions of "Mini" Dragons. 2 - Subway Surfers - The cop grabs you. 3 - Kamikaze - Toy suicide planes 4 - Naruto - Jutsu Substitution - You cant disappear in time, The daggers can hit you. 5 - StarWars - He opens a portal and Darth Vader appears with a horde of soldiers but they cant shoot. ... 100 - Super Easter Eggs 1 - Mario Kart Box 2 - MetalSlug - You save a prisoner and get a "FireFlame" weapon 3 - Mario kart - throw the banana on the ground and whoever passes it slides. 4 - Jace and the Space Warriors - flying fish (block). 5 - Diablo I - Firewall 6 - MetalSlug - Gains the Shotgun weapon (voice) 7 - Matrix - Gains a shield (bullet deflection) 8 - Sunset Riders - Avatar enters the Tavern and leaves happy. 9 - MetalSlug - Avatar finds tank and can drive 10 - MetalSlug - Avatar finds the Camel tank and mounts 11 - Golden Ax - Avatar finds the Parakeet and mounts it. 12 - Golden Axe - Avatar finds the Dragon Hatchling and mounts 13 - Donkey Kong - Find Kong Jr. 14 - SuperMetroid - Avatar turns into a ball (yellow) and leaves bombs to explode. 15 - StarCraft - Shield as Siege Tank. 16 - ... Forecasts New puppet animations OpenWord - Dedicated Server new maps Drive vehicles, Ride animals and monsters, buy and sell items in the shop, and trade or sell items between players. Take pictures of the game (Finding the Easter Eggs) Add thousands of new Easter Eggs related to games, music, movies, anime and more. New languages.

Source: E3pdr - SteamPowered.com

Configuration requise

Minimale :
  • Système d'exploitation et processeur 64 bits nécessaires
  • Système d'exploitation : Windows 10
  • Processeur : 1 GHz or faster
  • Mémoire vive : 1 GB de mémoire
  • Graphiques : Any dedicated/dedicated GPU with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • DirectX : Version 9.0
  • Réseau : connexion internet haut débit
  • Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible
  • Carte son : DirectX Compatible
Non disponible.
Non disponible.

Instructions pour activer un jeu Steam

1 - Téléchargez et installez le client Steam sur votre PC.
2 - Ouvrez le client Steam, connectez-vous et localisez l'onglet Jeux dans le menu supérieur. Cliquez dessus, puis sélectionnez "Activer un produit sur Steam…"
3 - Entrez votre clé de produit qui apparaît sur le courriel et suivez les instructions pour l'activer.
4 - Votre jeu est maintenant visible dans l'onglet "Bibliothèque" et est disponible pour téléchargement/installation lorsque vous êtes prêt.

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